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British Audio Journal
Up to minute news and information from the British Hi Fi scene by Award Winning journalist Malcom Stewart and his wife Phillipa.
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
a truly informative on-line journal
Hi Fi+
Hi Fi+ is a new UK based magazine with a unique perspective on Hi End Audio. Stunning graphics and photography and informative reviews by Roy Gregory and his team make this a most enjoyable read.
6 moons
Another well-known independent resource with good collection of audio reviews
Why power cables influence the sound?
Many speculations have been made around the power cables and why they affect the sound of audio systems. Conventionally thinking, it is ridiculous to assume that the last 1,5 meters of a power cable do matter...
Eleanor Mc Evoy
The website of singer songwriter Eleanor Mc Evoy. Famous for her "Only A Womans Heart" song which inspired the title for "The Woman's Heart" anthology ablum the best selling album in Irish history. Check out her latest album Yola on SACD which has re
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Cadence Signature analogue interconnect

Cadence Signature interconnect is the next step ahead from our Overture series. Increased ...


Cadence Signature loudspeaker cable

Cadence Signature loudspeaker cable is the next step ahead from our Overture series. Incre...


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