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Test of Belcanto series by Image Hi-Fi

"I can not believe that, even the RCA-cable, connecting the DAC and a pre-amplifier, takes a piercing sharpness off the  PS Audio DAC, not destroying its brilliance.


Connecting the Belcanto power cable to the fantastic amplifier Accuphase P-6100 transformed the recording studio as if its walls were freshly whitewashed. It should not be percepted as any additions or embellishments, but rather the opposite - the utter lack of them. All sorts of effects are absent, and this is what is most impressive in Muscal Wire.


Using the complete Belcanto cable set in my home setup, I was amazed by unheard of level of transparency and purity.


It started like a gasoline engine with a new air filter, like there is no physical speed limit for it. I had an indelible impression of a sudden "understanding" with my usually very exigent power amplifier, which is famous for his "friendship" with thin "Solidcore" wires , still denying other various expensive cables.


And how my Gamut M7 speakers in the demo room benefitted from impeccably clean deep sound of these exceptional cables! No matter - differentiated dark tone of Audio Research VSi60 or immoderate force of Gamut D3i / M250i - each amplifier enjoyed complete freedom and could demonstrate its merits."


Helmut Hack, Image Hi-Fi 6/2012 


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