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Overture cables tested by Stereo & Video

"... The first pair of interconnects has already produced a good gain: the sound became more three-dimensional (but not bloated), more textured, creamy, continuous and precise. Second pair of interconnects less affected the sound, but the overall trend remained - accurate sound, delicate, but not too soft. Decent gain is also noticeable in the bass and lower middle - an increase not so quantitative but rather qualitative. "

"... Dynamics just as good - while sound handling is gentle, the overall sound is energetic, intense, though - what is pleasant -there is absolutely no arrogance, obsession or aggression."

"... What I liked best are: relative neutrality, sensitivity (but not softness), accurate handling of the entire range, a good dynamics and an open honest emotionality..."

Stereo & Video 8/2012




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