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Cadence Rev.2 - winner in the DVDExpert group test

Cadence Revision 2 interconnect is recognized as the winner of the DVD-Expert magazine's group test among 13 applicants...

13 interconnect cables by various manufacturers were compared: Nordost Baldur, QED Signature Audio S, Oehlbach XXL Black Connection, Van Den Hul First Ultimate MK II, Van Den Hul The Orchid, MusicalWire Cadence Revision 2,  Neotech NEI-2001, TchernovAudio Cuprum Classic MS IC, GoldKabel Highline Cinch Rhodium, Transparent Music Link Plus, HB cables Mook A 1000, Argentum Acoustics Mythos, Analysis-Plus Copper Oval-in.

"MusicalWire Cadence Revision 2 compares favorably with other participants in fullness of the of vocals and musical images. Many of the cables give only high-frequency component, but lows and mids are simplified and impoverished, so the basis is lost. Cadence 2 gives a full and even timbre - not just contours of the instruments but life-like instruments themselves, resulting in a surprising truth in music reproduction..."

> Extracts from DVD Expert interconnect group test - herehere and here  

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