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Cadence Revision 2 series introduced

New sound of Cadence series! - higher resolution, musicality, clarity and a more open and coherent sound. How is this achieved?

Cadence Revision 2 updated series have been tested by experts on many hi-end systems and have shown excellent results in comparison with higher cost products from other manufacturers.

Optimized geometry of the conductors and partial shielding for localization of electromagnetic fields, carefully selected insulators - all this has enabled significant improvement in purity, clarity and coherence of sound. Better localization, dynamics and overall musicality are attributes of new Cadence Revision 2.

Cadence Rev2 demo cables are available in the office and from all our partners.

WARNING! In November-December 2010, the owners of the original Cadence products can upgrade their cables to Cadence Revision 2 for only 8% of the retail price of Cadence Rev2!




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