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DVD Expert magazine on MusicalWire interconnects

"MusicalWire technology, whatever it is, works perfectly. The effect referred to in the advertisement of these cables is yet almost understated relative to their actual impact..."

"Our first impression - there is no cable in the system. The signal magically passes from the player to the amplifier, without encountering any obstacles in the path ..."

"This was particularly impressive because the interconnect originally present in the system was of similar value and was considered one of the most transparent and neutral in its class. Nevertheless, with MusicalWire the sound became uniquely solid and definite, with much more transparent highs, and much better controlled bass. Resolution of the system has increased very substantially. No coloration at all, and the music of any genre, any instruments were playing just right ..."

"Another amazing result of connection with Overture - the maximum comfort of sound. There were more highs but they were not sharp. They rather sounded very clear and nice. Violin, even in the most extensive passages, at any volume, did not cause any discomfort. In general, the sound was much live-like and very musical."

Maxim Naumov, DVD Expert № 8 / 2010

Full article text (russian)




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