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Users' feedback on Belcanto cables

"Musicalwire Belcanto loudspeaker cable ...not the sole detail won me in Belcanto. I was captrivated by airy, transparent, open sound. My system turned from a flat strip into a three-dimensional scene with impressive depth and purity... Absolutely stunning cable!"


"Prior to this one I tried MusicalWire Cadance, and the sound became more detailed, lows more definite. Compared with NordOst on a few tracks, the difference was obvious. But I still decided to try Belcanto, in order to have a reference point what is proposed in the upper price segment. Absolutely stunning cable! Lows became deeper and yet more legible, powerful enough and at the same time not bulging. Open highs the mids. Very detailed highs. In general, all sound is very detailed, a lot of musical information, before hidden from me (cymbals - just miracle!). But not the sole detail won me in Belcanto. I was captrivated by airy, transparent, open sound. My system turned from a flat strip into a three-dimensional scene with impressive depth and purity I could not imagine. The sound is really three dimensional. And also a great range and dynamics (especially if my Mac gets a kick in the butt). Great vocals which literally "float" in the air. I wanted to write that this is a wonderful sounding cable, but I think it would be more correct to say that Belcanto can unleash the potential of equipment, and anyone can really hear what it is capable of. In overall, Belcanto fascinated me. Or bewitched. I do not know. But I was not able to part with it anymore. It's the sound I was searching for!
My words are able to describe 10 percent of the positive experiences. One must listen..."

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"Magnificent naturalness of live instruments. Finally I can listen to string orchestra without shiver of sharp sqealing violins and big band without itching horns and trombones. The doubts about ability of my system to play good rock are dispelled. Sometimes I listen to classics of the genre - Dire Straits, Creedence, Led Zeppelin. All as it ought to be - rhythm and punch.

I understand why MusicalWire does not produce bi-wiring cables - unnecessary, the soudstage is three-dimensional, with excelelnt resolution. Bi-wiring Valhalla has lost in every way. Rare case in my experience when connecting the system with complete cable set of one same line gives such a tremendously positive result. Replacing even one cable (power cord or interconnect of fairly high level, for instance Valhalla or Argento Serenity Reference) notably emasculates the sound.

My highest score is for the Belcanto power cord, then for loudspeaker cable, but the interconnect is inevitable too."


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"Belcanto power cable from MusicalWire is something extraordinary! In my system only Jorma Prime and Argento FMR (with retail of 6K$) might compete with it. Open, light and clear sound with unbelievable resolution in full range down to infra-lows.

Usually lightness is accompanied by some loss of lows as with AbbeyRoad. Here it's opposite. The lows are even more alive! Just yesterday I sat next to violins and contrabass at the concert and I thought "what a resolution and control!" And today I encoutered this in my system!

This cable reminded me of the sound of Odin that stunned me by this lightness. But here is also the bass! I cant remember this with Odin. Definitely I've never heard such bass in my system before. I hope I can have this power cable in my system at least until I get Odin for direct comparison."


My system: Michell Gyro Deck, dCS Scarlatti full stack, Berkeley Alpha DAC, Tidal Preos, Gryphon Colosseum, Gryphon Atlantis

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...Excellent cables! Surprisinglngly nice and clear bass! Never before I heard such detailed and structured bass. Mids and highs are also amazing. Very clear, detailed and transparent sound. The cables pull out every possible nuance from the records and do this very beautifully. Long listening neither boring nor exhausting. Cables show high tolerance to different genres. Not to be unfounded I should say that after testing these cables I purchased the whole set (5 power cords, loudspeaker cable pair, two pairs of analogue interconnects and AES/EBU digital cable). While I was waiting for my order I found myself not interested in listening to my system with old cables, so I almost did not. Now I enjoy it. Before MusicalWire Belcanto I used NBS Black Label. Belcanto turned out to be clearer, more detailed and neutral. My system now sounds more emotional, saturated and rich. The advantage of belcanto is promarily in lows and highs. NBS Black Label demonstrated muddy and loose bass in comparison. Highs also gave up. Mids are more emotional and bright with NBS, but this is in prejudice of detail and clarity. In overall I can not say that Belcanto is a way ahead of Black Label, but after wiring the whole system with Belcanto I have lost the desire to seek for something new for myself. I also want to note that the cables are extraordinarily beautiful, quality made, light and flexible enough, which is important in terms of convenience of use and wiring (who had the opportunity to use the NBS black label, will understand me:)

It is doubly pleasant to note that we in Russia have manufacturers who are capable to compete on an equal footing with major global brands in quality of manufacture, appearance, ease of use and, most importantly, in the emotions a person experiences from listening to the music.

My system: Quad 2905 loudspeakers, valve Quad-II (80) monoblocks, McIntosh MCD-500 cd-player, McIntosh 2300 preamp.

Currently, the components in my system changed, but the cables remain the same - Musicalwire Belcanto.

Igor Fedorovich

Read the source of the review (russian)





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