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Users' feedback on Overture cables

"The cables should be just left in the system and one should just listen and enjoy the music without any analysis and re-conenction. After removing the cables from the system I felt a discomfort in sound..."

This is the right sign for me. It's 3rd day I won't turn on my system - it's not that involving anymore without Overture cables.."

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Overture XLR interconnect

"...The highs became crystal clear, decays are longer, cymbals are more saturated, detailed and natural. Seems like a little less bass, but I figured it's because it is more accumulated and detailed, with less booming. Mids are definetely clearer, more nuances and fine detail of guitar and bass guitar. But most interesting is the soundstage! It is a lot more definite and distinct, voice and other instruments are flying in space completely separate from loudspeakers..."

"... by the way, after connecting my old cables, the system seemed dull and not interesting to listen to. A little summary. The cable has brought more clarity, purity and detail, not smoothing or hiding anything. I'm very happy with my purchase. I should definitely audition the loudspeaker cable too."

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Overture power cord

"Instead of writing a review I'd just say that I can't make myself to remove this power cord from the system - just afraid to loose the sound. Mid-range cable is next to explore..."

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