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Overture digital interconnect

Overture Digital interconnect is the gateway to our proprietary LCDC® technology incorporated in every MusicalWire product. The LCDC® circuit in the Overture digital interconnect reduces the distortions caused by "loss current" by more than 85%, provides perfect inpedance match and clear, uncolored sound unachievable with conventional cables. Superb detail, clarity and soundstage makes this cable a perfect choice for your stereo system or home theatre at an affordable price. The value of this cable is outstanding.

Overture digital interconnects are offered in two versions: RCA-terminated for S/PDIF 75 Ohm interface or XLR-terminated (balanced) for AES/EBU 110 Ohm interface. Standatd lengths are 0.6 to 2.0m. Non-standard lengths are available by special order.
0.6 - 2.0m
Connectors: RCA or XLR
Construction: LCDC®
Conductors: OFC
Insulation: PE+PVC
Dielectric constant: 1,85 (avg over cable length)
Capacitance RCA (XLR): 56 (33)  pF/ft
Inductance RCA (XLR): 0,3 (0.4) uH/ft
Impedance RCA (XLR): 75 (110) Ohm
LCDC factor: 85%
LCDC freq range: 1 GHz


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