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Belcanto loudspeaker cable

Belcanto loudspeaker cable, just as the entire Belcanto line, is designed with unconpromised and pedantic approach to technology, performance and appearance. This cable is something one may call a perfectionism in audio cable design. Whatever amplifier and loudspeakers you own, you will get everything possible out of them with this state-of-the-art cable. The performance is stunning, the imaging and detail are astonishing. It’s like the cable is “absent” in your system, and all the music details and nuances just get through to you.
Belcanto loudspeaker cable incorporates our proprietary double-compensation LCDC® circuits for the main and return conductors, and an additional double LCDC® circuit to reduce cross-talk inside the cable structure. The ”loss current” compensation factor is 97% flat over the audio frequency range and into the Gigahertz’s. Single crystal copper conductors with 7N purity (99,99999%), selected top-quality connectors, special anti-static dielectric materials and top-precision assembly process reveal all the potential of the LCDC® technology and give you unprecedented clarity, imaging, coherence and realism in musical performance. Belcanto loudspeaker cables are hand-built in our factory. Each cable is thoroughly tested to ensure maximum signal pass-through and top overall performance.

Belcanto loudspeaker cables are offered in length of 1.5 - 4.0 m and are terminated with spades or banana plugs. Non-standard lengths up to 5m are available by special order.

Belcanto loudspeaker cable
Length: 1.5 - 4.0 m
spades or bananas
Construction: 3xLCDC®
Conductors: OCC 7N (99.99999%)
Insulation: paper + PE+ PVC
Dielectric constant: 1,35 (avg over cable length)
Capacitance: 12 pF/ft
Inductance: 0.06 uH/ft
Nominal current:
Peak current:
LCDC factor: 97%


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