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Why Musical Wire?

MusicalWire cable design is not a "voodoo art" based on empirical results and abstract theorizing. It is a result of scientific experiments based on the newly invented Loss Current Compensation (LCDC®) technology (U.S. and other countries patents are pending). This technology eliminates “coloration” and “dullness” caused by distortions in electric conductors. Proprietary LCDC® circuits together with high-purity materials, top quality connectors and high-precision assembly process reveal crystal clear, deep and natural sound unmatched by other cables in the market.
Every MusicalWire cable passes through strict quality control to ensure top performance and overall quality.

Why should I use MusicalWire? What will it do for me when it is in my system?

There are many aspects that are considered for audio cables, such as purity of conductor material, resistance, capacitance, inductance, velocity of propagation, radiation, noise, mechanical and electrical resonance, filtering, reflections, dissipation factors, phase delay and distortion and many-many others. In practice, most of these parameters have negligible effect on sound character and quality, while others do matter. In the hi-fi community there is a vicious speculation around these phenomena and which of them affect cable performance and influence the sound. So far there was no clear explanation or experimental proof of which parameters really cause audible differences in cables. To address all possible aspects, a combination of highest technologies is required, which would dramatically increase the cable cost.
After few years of experiments, measurements, probes and mistakes, in 2006 we were lucky to discover the main reason why cables “sound” differently! The key to the solution turned out to be the elimination of the distortions caused by “loss current” inside of electric conductors, as will be described in the “LCDC technology” section.
Elimination of these distortions with LCDC® technology alone gives a dramatic improvement in audio cable performance so that the resulting sound quality overcomes all conventional cables, regardless of purity of metal or other technological features they incorporate. We were very excited when we discovered this. Music started to sound like if you removed blanket from your speakers or opened the door and stepped in the studio! The positive side effect of LCDC® technology is the cancellation of electrical resonances in conductors – those that cause “coloration” of sound. So LCDC® not only gives clarity, depth and detail over the whole frequency range, but also natural uncolored sound.
We could stop at this point and enjoy the result, but we went further. Based on experiments, measurements and auditions, we have sorted other physical phenomena and aspects in the order of their influence on the sound quality, and primarily addressed those that have higher degree of influence. We improved such cable parameters as conductor material quality, capacitance, resistance, inductance and mechanical properties, including rigidity, flexibility and mechanical resonances, while maintaining the production technology at a reasonable cost. The aim was to make our cables suitable to any system component of any level still retaining benefits of clearest uncolored sound provided by LCDC technology.
We found that it is important that an electric conductor has uniform electrical and mechanical properties along its length. That is why we use high quality copper conductors in our cables. But this is also not enough to achieve our ambitious target of the best audio cables in the World. To reveal all the potential of LCDC® technology, top-precision assembly process and high quality materials are required. That is why we use only high-grade materials and parts. Each cable is individually tested to ensure highest sonic properties and overall quality.

The breakthrough LCDC technology and attention to details in all stages of production puts MusicalWire cables inside the finest audio systems in the world.

We do our best and continue to improve our products. Now it is your turn, as a music lover, to assess what MusicalWire can give to your system and how it improves your perception of music. Regardless of the level of the system you own... if you want to really hear what it can do - try MusicalWire cables.




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