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Why power cables influence the sound?

Many speculations have been made around the power cables and why they affect the sound of audio systems. Conventionally thinking, it is ridiculous to assume that the last 1,5 meters of a power cable do matter, given kilometers of electric wires going from power station to the outlet. But the fact is the fact – those 1,5 meters of power cable do matter and produce audible difference. Why? It is our assumption that this influence is produced by the “ground loop” between the components of the audio system.  (see figure below).

In this figure the analogue musical signal passes from the signal ground of the amplifier through its power transformer and further over its power cord to the power strip, where CD-player's power cord is also connected. Then the signal passes through the power strip to the CD-player over its power cord, through its power transformer and to its ground and back to the amplifier over analogue interconnect cable. That’s why in our opinion the power cables that are connected to the same power strip influence the sound performance of the system.

We do not state that our assumption is absolutely right, but we are very much sure that it is close to truth. If so, the power cables for audio components should be considered not only as electric wires to deliver electric power, but they also should have good sonic properties, just as loudspeaker or interconnect cables. That’s where our LCDC® technology steps in and helps. All MusicalWire power cables incorporate LCDC® circuits to let the audio signal pass through undistorted. Their electrical and musical performance is outstanding.



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