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Cable sets

MusicalWire cable series are designed according to specifications, quality of signal transmission, design and budget. Wiring your entire system with MusiucalWire cables reveals all the potential of the LCDC technology.


Sometimes the cables of one brand do not fit together in one system as they multiply their sound character (for example, they can exaggerate the upper range).This is true for most traditional cables. However, MusicalWire cables for technological reasons, do not color the sound, but simply  provide more and more clear signal transmission from the lower to the top line, so wiring the entire system with MusicalWire cable sets is fully justified.


You can easily check this out yourself by testing one of the proposed cable sets. Any of MusicalWire authorized partners also can help you make up your own set according to your system configuration and specifics.


MusicalWire cable sets not only solve the problem of wiring your system but also save you significant money as cable sets are subject to special sale confitions (please refer to the price list).


A minimum cable set should include:


- Loudspeaker cable pair of suitable length

- A pair of analogue interconnects

- Two or more power cords.


The cable sets prices and applicable discounts - please refer to  the price list . 

Overture ST cable set

Overture ST cable set can be used to wire a simple stereo system for example consisting of a CD player, an integrated amp and a pair of loudspeakers.
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