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Digital interconnects
Overture digital interconnect
Overture Digital interconnect is the gateway to our proprietary LCDC® technology incorporated in every MusicalWire product. The LCDC® circuit in the Overture digital interconnect reduces the distortions caused by "loss current" by more than 80%, provides perfect inpedance match and clear, uncolored sound unachievable with conventional cables. Superb detail, clarity and soundstage makes this cable a perfect choice for your stereo system or home theatre at an affordable price. 
Belcanto digital interconnect
This cable just like entire Belcanto line from MusicalWire is state-of-the-art in its technology, performance and appearance. Belcanto digital interconnect provides unmatched musical and video performance, astonishing detail and imaging. It’s like it is "absent" in your system, and all the details and nuances just get through to you. Whatever system you own, the Belcanto cables will get virtually everything possible from it...


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